Nigeria is ranked as Africa’s largest economy1 and ranks 13th globally in terms of total oil and gas reserves2

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Nigeria is estimated to hold 193 Tscf of proved natural gas reserves, making it the tenth largest gas reserve holder in the world and the largest in Africa2. Nigeria has proven oil reserves of approximately 37 billion barrels, ranking as the second largest in Africa and the eleventh largest in the world2. In 2022 Nigeria produced on average 1.14 MMbopd.

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Source: BP Statistical Review 2021

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Source: BP Statistical Review 2021

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Nigerian economy

Nigeria is ranked as Africa’s largest economy1. It relies heavily on oil as its main source of foreign exchange earnings and government revenues, with crude oil accounting for an estimated 83% of total export earnings and 70% of fiscal revenues2. In 2022, revenues from oil accounted for 5.7% of GDP4.

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Gas production and development

Nigeria has around 193 Tscf of proved gas reserves, yet only produces 4.4 Bscfpd2, the majority of which is exported as Liquified Natural Gas ("LNG"). The Nigerian Government has stated that it sees the provision of adequate gas supply as a means of increasing industrial output and electricity supply, and thereby achieving economic growth, prosperity and employment opportunities. In August 2022, the Nigerian Government launched its Energy Transition Plan to demonstrate its commitment to achieving carbon neutrality, ending energy poverty and driving economic growth. The Government said that its plan is anchored on natural gas. While there are only 4,500 km of gas pipelines in country, Savannah’s pipeline network is one of the very few privately owned pipeline systems built in Nigeria and ranks as one of the largest privately owned gas transportation and distribution networks in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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