Nigeria ranks 10th globally in terms of total oil reserves1 and 8th globally in terms of gas reserves1

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Nigeria has proven oil reserves of approximately 37 billion barrels, ranking as the second largest in Africa and the tenth largest in the world1. Nigeria is also estimated to hold 209 Tscf of proven natural gas reserves, making it the eighth largest gas reserve holder in the world and the largest in Africa1.


Source: BP Statistical Review 2021



Source: BP Statistical Review 2021

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Gas production and development

Despite its 208 Tscf of proven gas reserves, Nigeria only produces 4.3 Bscfpd5, the majority of which is exported as LNG. Nigeria ranked as the world’s sixth largest exporter of LNG in 2022, with 692 Bscf exported. With a gas reserve to production ratio of approximately 133 years5, the under-developed gas resources of Nigeria represent a significant opportunity to be exploited, in particular for the benefit of the domestic economy.

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