2023 Annual Report and Accounts

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Sustainability Review 2023

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Savannah Energy PLC is a British independent energy company
focused around the delivery of
Projects that Matter in Africa.

Our operations

Abuja, Nigerians capital, in all its glory. Providing context to the underrepresentation of Nigerians infrastructure..jpg

Our purpose, vision & strategy

We are a pan-African energy and resources company seeking to deliver excellent performance for our stakeholders. We want to meaningfully contribute to the economic development of the countries in which we operate through the development of businesses and projects that make a material difference to those countries. We will continue to evolve to achieve our purpose. We are seeking to pursue Projects that Matter.

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Our approach to sustainability

Sustainability underpins everything we do. Our four sustainability pillars are linked to a range of key metrics that we measure across our business and are aligned with 13 specific UN Sustainable Development Goals, where we aim to make a positive impact.

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1. Savannah's wholly owned subsidiary, Savannah Midstream Investment Limited (“SMIL”), has signed a Share Purchase Agreement with the national oil company of Cameroon, Société Nationale Des Hydrocarbures (“SNH”) for the sale of 10% of the issued share capital in COTCo. Completion of the transfer of the shares from SMIL to SNH will result in SMIL's shareholding in COTCo reducing from 41.06% to 31.06%. Completion shall occur upon satisfaction of certain conditions precedent related to amendments to the Articles of Association of COTCo.

2. During the second half of 2023, in an attempt to take control of and deprive SMIL of its equity ownership, governance and operational rights in COTCo, the Republic of Chad, SHT Overseas Petroleum (Cameroon) Limited (“SHT”), COTCo and certain other shareholders of COTCo have undertaken a number of actions in breach of the Articles of Association of COTCo, the Services Agreement between COTCo and SMIL and Cameroonian law. SMIL has commenced arbitral and other legal proceedings against COTCo, the Republic of Chad, SHT Overseas Petroleum (Cameroon) Limited and the other shareholders of COTCo to seek full compensation for the loss that it has and may suffer as a result of actions in breach of SMIL’s rights under the Articles of Association of COTCo and the Services Agreement.