Supplying gas to approximately 20% of Nigeria’s thermal power generation capacity

Upstream assets



Savannah holds an 80% economic interest in the exploration, development and production of gas within the Uquo Field, the Uquo Gas Project. The Uquo Field is a non-associated gas field, with gross 2P Reserves of 456.2 Bscf as at the end of 2023. It produces gas that is processed and transported through Accugas’ infrastructure to end customers. Condensate produced from the Uquo Field is exported via the Qua Iboe terminal. The remaining 20% economic interest in the Uquo Gas Project is held by AIIM.

456.2 Bscf

Gross 2P Reserves as at end 2023 

82.8 Bscf

Gross 2C Resources as at end 2023

129.2 MMscfpd

Average gross daily gas production 2023

DJI_0010 Stubb Creek.jpg

Stubb Creek

Stubb Creek Field is a producing oil field with considerable undeveloped, non-associated 2C gas Resources. Post-year end on 19 March 2024, Savannah announced the planned SIPEC Acquisition. SIPEC’s principal asset is a 49% non-operated interest in the Stubb Creek Field, located in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, where our Universal Energy Resources Limited affiliate is the 51% owner and operator.

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SIPEC Acquisition here.

11.9 MMstb

Gross 2P Reserves as at end 2023

515.3 Bscf

Gross 2C gas Resources as at end 2023

2.0 Kbopd

Average gross daily production 2023

Midstream gas assets

Accugas_ merged.jpg


Savannah’s Accugas midstream business focuses on the marketing, processing, distribution and sale of gas to the Nigerian market. Savannah holds an 80% economic interest in Accugas, with the remaining 20% held by AIIM. Accugas receives gas from Uquo at its nameplate 200 MMscfpd processing facility, where the gas is treated and then transported through its approximately 260 km pipeline network.

200 MMscfpd

Gas processing facility

260 km

Pipeline network




2023-09-06_SE Niger Delta SNG_DRAFT_COPY_to_confirm_SNG_Aba_location.png

Gas sales agreements

Savannah's eight current gas customers are

  • Calabar Generation Company Limited (owner of the Calabar power station);
  • Lafarge Africa PLC (owner of the Lafarge Mfamosing cement plant);
  • First Independent Power Limited (owner of the FIPL Afam, Eleme and Trans Amadi power plants);
  • Ibom Power Company Limited (owner of the Ibom power station);
  • Central Horizon Gas Company Limited;
  • Notore Chemical Industries PLC;
  • Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited; and
  • Shell Nigeria Gas Limited.

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Read more in our
latest Annual Report and Accounts


Read more about our Nigerian assets in our latest Annual Report and Accounts